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  • Self-parking with check-in and bag drop options.

  • Park near a heated jetSet bus shelter to catch a ride to the airport terminal (7-12 minute shuttle ride). 




  • Pull in to the jetSet main office and we’ll park for you.

  • WestJet guests can check-in and drop their bags at the main office before catching a non-stop shuttle ride to the terminal. (5-10 minute shuttle ride). 

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Book 65 Days in Advance and save 25%!


Why pay full price for airport parking when you can save? Get proactive with jetSet's online reservation system and save up to 25% off regular jetSet parking rates. The earlier you book the more you save.


Please note: Coupons, pre-paid credit cards, and visa-debit cards are not valid for online bookings. jetSet does not accept online bookings greater than 30 days. If you are using a promo code and you also qualify for a booking in advance discount, the system will award you the greatest discount available to you at time of booking.


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The only lot with full-service WestJet check-in and baggage drop


From highway 2, exit and proceed towards Edmonton International Airport. Turn left before the 7/11 as shown on the map.

Location: 3591 - 31 Street

Phone: 780 890 8625


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Got parking questions? Please contact jetSet at 780 890 8527 or



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